About Black Ant Group

The Black and Ant Group was founded in 2010, based in Shenzhen, follow the national strategic step in many years, take root in industry and science area. It has initially formed a diversified industrial chain based on the development of industry as the cornerstone, with brand hatching, design development, new retail and financial investment as the major strategic orientation in multiple industry chains.

For industrial parts, the group's world strategic layout has now begun to take the shape. In China, it covers all the majority cities and regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hongkong, Taiwan and other important cities and regions. The domestic market coverage is over 98%; in overseas, it has been entered in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia. France, Greece, Canada, the United States and other countries. Up to now, the company independently develop a variety of categories such as glasses, eye contact, fashion female accessories, fashion and sports clothing, including MUJOSH, aojo, WAKEUP, MONtoSUN, POGO, STARTER and so on. There are more than 4000 employees and more than 4000 global stores around the world. The retail scale is over 4 billion RMB in the year and won CFFA golden Lily award for two years.

The financial investment involves industries, logistics, new media, Internet, real estate, finance and other industries. The investment direction focuses on the high-quality startup companies. in the early growth of the innovative consumption field and is committed to investing in the equity investment base, which has the first level market opportunities in the retail consumption industry, and successively invested in HEYTEA, SMART BEES and Jiang Xiao Bai , 36kr, CYO, BANDGEWOD, POPMART, ALOG logistics and other famous consumption brands have accumulated a total investment of over 2 billion RMB.

At the same time of rapid development, the company has never forgotten to actively implement company social responsibility. The company has carried out public welfare, joint non-profit organizations to carry out various kinds of public welfare activities, including visual testing for students in poor areas for many years, free optometry, charity bazaar for autistic children, and long-term financial assistance for cataract patients to receive rehabilitation operations.

The Black Ant Group always holds "make the consumption more valuable" as the enterprise mission, with the first principle of the customer as the first work principle, focus the strategy focus, with the accurate market positioning, and the keen market insight, the efficient product iteration, realize the continuous innovation and development in the industry, and strive to build the world class consumer company.

Black Ant Footprint

Business footprint cover major cities and regions such as Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Canada, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco in the United States.