Investment Value

Professional investors focusing on transformational opportunities in the consumer industry.

To create value for investors and invested enterprises
Through deep industry research and independent thinking
seek out opportunities for differentialcompetition and joint delivery in consumption business upgrading
undercover investmentopportunities that are worth a shot.
Become the most professional investment institution in consumption field
Make Consumption More Valuable

Investment field and case

The investment field involves industries such as industry, logistics, new media, internet, real estate, and finance.
The investment direction focuses on high-quality startup companies in the early stage of growth in the field of innovative consumption.
It is also committed to investing in equity investment funds with primary market opportunities in the retail consumer industry.
It has invested in well-known brands such as HEYTEA, SMART BEES, Jiang Xiaobai, 36KR, CYO, BANDGEWOOD, Kuaikan, Xinyi Logistics.
The total amount exceeds 2 billion CNY.

Team Introduction

  • David He

    More than 10 years' experience in equity investment industry

    Once appointed

    Head of Strategic Investment in Tou TiaoVice president of Orchid Asia Investment GroupPWC Finance Merger and Acquisition Department


    Equity investment in consumption field Investment in new media industryStrategic Sales of consumption enterprises

  • Allen Chen

    More than 10 years of business experience in consumption industryFirst cadets of Hupan University

    founder of fashion eyewear brand MUJOSH

    founder of fashion eyewear brand MUJOSH, aojo, fashionable cosmetic contact lens WAKEUPco-founder of women's fashionable accessories brand MONtoSUN, New urban tidal sneakers POGO, and BANDGEWOD,STARTER authorized operator in Greater China Region


    Innovation and implementation of consumption Rich experience in post investment management

  • Michael Zhang

    More than 10 years' experience in equity investment industry

    The founder of a number of emerging consumer brands

    Vice president of venture capital fund for Fuda Asia,Orchid Asia GroupDDT accounting firm (Houston)


    Early venture investmentEquity investment in consumer industry